What Are BTUs and How Do They Relate to HVAC?

When you use your air conditioner, you may just turn on the HVAC system and sit back to enjoy the cool air. But it’s essential to know how this air conditioning unit pushes all that cool air throughout your home. The measurement your air conditioner uses is the British Thermal Unit or BTU. Here’s what a BTU is and why this measurement is essential to know:

What Exactly is a BTU?

A British thermal unit is a unit of measurement that shows how much energy the air conditioner uses to remove heat from your house within one hour. Considering the BTU measurement will help you choose the correct size air conditioner for your home. If you select an air conditioner with a lower BTU, your house may not be cool enough.

Why are BTUs Important?

You may think that you can choose any type and size of air conditioner for your home. But, it’s essential to consider BTU in order to select the correct size air conditioner. Air conditioners work by removing hot air from your house and pushing it outside. The hot air is replaced by cooler air, thanks to coils and fans within the air conditioning unit. That cooler air travels through your home’s ductwork and cools down your house and the people in it. The BTUs of the air conditioner you choose for your home should be of such a level to cool down the entire space of your home.

Optimal BTU for Different-Sized Homes

There are optimal BTU levels for different-sized homes. Here’s a list of BTUs and the accompanying appropriate square footage range for each BTU level:

House Square Footage/BTUs

  • 100-150/5,000
  • 150-250/6,000
  • 250-300/7,000
  • 300-350/8,000
  • 350-400/9,000
  • 400-450/10,000
  • 450-500/12,000
  • 500-700/14,000
  • 700-1,000/18,000
  • 1,000-1,200/21,000
  • 1,200-1,400/23,000
  • 1,400-1,500/24,000
  • 1,500-2,000/30,000
  • 2,000-2,500/34,000

When you consider the square footage of your home, you can buy an air conditioner with the right amount of BTUs to cool your house the way it should.

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