How to Properly Landscape Around Your HVAC Unit

Grass, flowers, bushes, and other foliage likely surround the air conditioning unit on the exterior of your home. You should keep this area looking neat and landscaped. However, it’s also essential to maintain this area around your AC unit for safety and proper working order. Here are some tips for landscaping around your HVAC unit:

Problems with Poor Landscaping Around AC Unit

When you don’t take the steps to landscape the area around your AC unit properly, you can run into some trouble. Suppose leaves and foliage are too close to the AC unit. In that case, these natural items can get caught in the system and produce operation issues. Additionally, too many plants located around your air conditioning unit can restrict the airflow to the system, and if the plants and flowers are thorny, the HVAC technician may not be able to reach the HVAC system when they need to do so. Unkempt landscaping is unsightly and won’t be a beneficial focal point in your yard. For all of these reasons, proper landscaping around your HVAC system is vital.

Proper Landscaping for AC Units

Fortunately, there are ways to landscape the area around your HVAC system properly. Keep plants and trees approximately two to three feet from the air conditioning unit. Also, make sure to prune and trim this foliage regularly. In addition, try to put your HVAC unit in a shady area and one that is surrounded by tall trees to keep the system out of direct sunlight. Lastly, avoid including plantings in your landscape design that attract insects so you can keep these bugs around your system to a minimum level.

Design Ideas

If you’re searching for landscape design ideas that feature less foliage yet still produce an attractive yard, try adding a gravel garden around the HVAC unit. You can also add a trellis, screen, or lattice cover around the HVAC unit to keep foliage from working its way too close to the system.

Make sure your HVAC system is kept in the best possible condition even when you have landscaping features in your yard.

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