Ragweed Season is Here! What Can You Do to Stay Comfortable?

Seasonal allergies affect people to varying degrees. Some individuals have occasional sneezing and a runny nose, while others experience debilitating symptoms from this bothersome medical condition. Ragweed is one type of allergen that affects many people. So, what is ragweed, and how can we get through its peak season with ease? Here are some tips to do so!

What is Ragweed and Why is it Getting Worse?

Ragweed is an allergen that becomes an issue for a large number of people in certain locations and at specific times of the year. Approximately 15.5% of Americans experience ragweed sensitivity. This allergen can cause hay fever in people who are sensitive to it. Ragweed can also trigger asthma attacks in some individuals. Studies have shown that ragweed pollen episodes are getting worse as the years progress. Climate change may extend the length of ragweed season, meaning that symptoms begin earlier and end later for people with a ragweed sensitivity.

Why Does Ragweed Cause Allergies?

Ragweed releases pollen into the air. When the pollen travels through the air, it affects those who are allergic to this soft-stemmed weed. Some people experience slight allergy symptoms, while others have more intense reactions to ragweed.

What Can I Do to Make My Ragweed Season Easier?

There are a few things you can do to make ragweed season easier on yourself. You can limit your time outdoors during the peak of ragweed season. Ragweed pollen can find its way indoors through windows, doors, and even on your clothing if you’ve been outside.

For help keeping ragweed pollen issues at a minimum in your home, you may want to consider adding an air purifier to your HVAC system. You should also ensure your air conditioning filters are changed regularly. Air Design can help you with all this and more so you can breathe easier inside throughout the year.

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