Five Ways to Keep Cool During Power Outages

When bad weather hits, you might experience power outages at your home or business. This disruption may be temporary or something more long lasting. Since September is the peak of hurricane season, and Long Island often experiences bad storms during this month, it’s important to know how to keep cool should the power go out.

5 Ways to Keep Cool During a Power Outage

If you want to prepare for potential power outages with some tips to stay cool, here are five ways to do so:

  1. Open two opposite side windows for a cross breeze: You can use the natural air to help you stay cool. Open windows on opposite sides of the room to create a cross breeze, if it’s cool enough outside. Let the cool air come in, and the hot air move out.
  2. Use blackout curtains: The sun will create a lot of heat. Therefore, make sure you have blackout curtains to keep closed on the sunny side of each room. This will help keep the heat down within the home.
  3. Use caulk or sealant for cracks in windows and doors: Before a power outage event occurs, make sure any cracks in your windows or doors are sealed. Use caulk or weather sealant to close up these gaps.
  4. Use battery powered fans: Battery powered fans will help you stay cool in case of a power outage.
  5. Install a whole house generator: Whole house generators are helpful items to have in place. If you tend to lose power a lot, it may be a wise investment for you and your family to consider.

Contact Air Design to Help Keep Your House Cool

To keep cool when the power is on, make sure you maintain your air conditioning unit. Air Design can help you with regular maintenance as well as any emergency service needs.

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