The Top 5 Ways to Minimize Allergens in Your Home

Blowing her noseMost people look forward to warmer weather at the end of winter, but allergy sufferers find the spring particularly problematic. Pollen and several other allergens are most abundant at this time, but knowing how to keep them to a minimum in your home can spare you from dealing with allergy symptoms. Below, we’re going to discuss the top five ways you can keep allergens out of your home and reduce those pesky symptoms.

What Are Allergens?

Simply put, an allergen is a harmless material that your immune system mistakes for something dangerous. Common allergens include pollen, dust, and pet dander, and they usually trigger an allergic reaction when they’re inhaled.

Risk of Not Reducing Them

For most people, common allergens cause some minor inconvenience. Typical symptoms include a runny nose, congestion, a cough, and watery or itchy eyes. The symptoms are often far less than severe, but they can be rather frustrating for months on end throughout the spring.

Even common allergens like pollen or dust can cause difficulty breathing and even anaphylactic shock in very rare cases.

Below are the top five ways you can minimize allergens in your home.

1 – Dust Regularly

Dust is one of the most common allergens, so you should dust surfaces in your home once a week or every other week. Use a microfiber cloth or cleaning pad that will capture the dust rather than spread it around.

2 – Wash Your Pillow Covers

Dust naturally settles on all surfaces in your home, including your pillow cover. As you can imagine, sleeping on an allergen-covered surface can quickly cause a reaction. Washing yours regularly will remove dust and other allergens that may have settled there.

3 – Optimize Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system circulates air throughout your home, making it a potential distribution channel for allergens. Replace filters, carry out routine maintenance, and consider installing an in-line air filter. For more information on improving indoor air quality with your HVAC system, contact one of our experts today.

4 – Keep Pollen Out

Whenever practical, keep pollen out of your home by keeping windows and doors closed and removing your shoes when you come inside.

5 – Keep Humidity Levels Down

Dust thrives in humid conditions, so maintaining healthy humidity levels can help prevent dust mites from forming in your home.

Ready to get your HVAC system prepared for allergy season? Speak with one of our HVAC experts today.