4 Easy Ways to Purify the Water in Your Home

Air being purifiedDrinking water is often contaminated with impurities, including metals, viruses, and bacteria. Even the water from some of the most effective water treatment plants usually contains chemicals and some residual metals from the pipes used to transport it to your home. Below, we’re going to discuss what purification means and why it’s important. We’ll also go over four easy ways you can purify drinking water in your home.

What Is Purified Water?

Purified water is water that has been stripped of any harmful chemicals or compounds. Depending on the source, drinking water can contain waterborne viruses, microbes, manganese, copper, chlorine, and other impurities. Removing these contaminants from water entirely leaves you with safe, purified water.

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits of drinking purified water should be clear based on the contaminants removed. Bacteria and viruses suspended in your drinking water can cause illness and, in rare cases, death. Some common metals found in drinking water can be toxic even in small amounts. Chemicals like chlorine or others used by large water treatment plants can be detrimental to your health in large quantities.

Purifying your drinking water is essential for maintaining good health and reducing illness caused by common water contaminants. Below are four easy ways you can cleanse the water in your home.

1 – Boiling

Boiling water for several minutes will kill bacteria and viruses, but the water will need to be strained through a microporous filter to remove the dead microorganisms and other physical contaminants. This process is also very time-consuming.

2 – Electric Water Purifier

You can get a standalone electric purifier that uses a combination of UV treatment and a physical or carbon filter to remove impurities. These can be costly and often take up counter space, but they work efficiently.

3 – Install an In-Line Filtration System

In-line or whole-house filtration systems purify water using UV, physical or carbon filters, and other methods to remove all contaminants. Some also add healthy minerals back into your water to make it even healthier. This is usually the most efficient and easiest way to purify your water. Contact one of our friendly professionals for more information on how a whole-house purification system could benefit you.

4 – Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis water filters force water through a semipermeable membrane that traps most contaminants and leaves you with purified water. The process is significantly slower than most other methods, but RO filters have good results.

Ready to install a high-quality purification system in your home? Contact one of our friendly professionals to get started today.