How to Maintain Your Ductless Heating System

Heating systems come in many forms. If you have a ductless heating system, you likely want to maintain your system year-round so it works in the best possible way. Now’s the best time to check on your heating system to ensure it’s ready to go when cold weather arrives. The following info highlights some ways to maintain your ductless heating system.

Ways to Maintain Your Ductless Heating System

In order to ensure your ductless heating system keeps you warm and cozy for years to come, here are some ways to maintain this important heating system in your home:

  • Clean the indoor and outdoor equipment on a regular basis: If you want your ductless heating system to work flawlessly during the cold winter months, make sure you take care of the indoor and outdoor parts on a regular basis. Clean the inside air filter when it gets dirty and check the outdoor cabinet to make sure there are no airflow obstructions.
  • Check the air filter monthly: In addition to cleaning your air filter when it gets dirty, you should perform monthly checks on the filter to ensure it looks good and doesn’t need to be cleaned. A dirty air filter won’t process the air correctly and will work harder to produce air flow which can bump up your energy bill.
  • Check the system prior to the season: Don’t wait until you’re in mid-winter to check your heating system. Check your ductless heating system before it gets cold out to ensure it’s ready to work when the weather changes.
  • Schedule professional deep cleanings periodically: There are certain tasks you can do on your own but other jobs should be left to the professionals. Make sure you schedule professional deep cleanings for your heating system periodically so your heater is working as well as possible.

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