5 Ways to Tell That Your Boiler is About to Go

With cold weather quickly approaching, you want to be sure all your necessary heating equipment is working right. One key piece of heating equipment that you should check on is your boiler. With a broken or malfunctioning boiler, you won’t get the heat you’ll want during the cold weather months. Before it gets cold, make sure your boiler will last through the winter!

5 Signs Your Boiler is About to Go

If you’re wondering if your boiler needs maintenance, repairs, or replacement, there are ways to tell if your boiler is about to stop working. Here are five signs to look for:

  1. Bad smell coming from your boiler: One common sign that a boiler is about to break down is a bad smell in the air. The smell of burning oil, plastic, or other material may mean your boiler is overheating. On the other hand, if you smell rotten eggs, this could be a gas leak, which is extremely dangerous. When you smell these unusual scents, you should shut your boiler down right away and call a professional.
  2. Less heat than usual: If your boiler is putting out less heat than usual, it may be about to break. If your boiler produces less heat, or no heat, it’s time to call an HVAC pro to take a look at it.
  3. Strange sounds: Strange sounds coming from your boiler can also mean it’s about to stop working. These sounds might sound like a boiling tea kettle. If you hear this noise, it’s time to bring in the professionals!
  4. Error message: Newer boiler models often have error message screens. If your boiler is doing strange things and an error message pops up on the screen, look at the message, and determine what the problem is by consulting your manufacturer’s booklet. You can also call an HVAC company right away to diagnose the issue.
  5. Continual boiler problems: Last but not least, if your boiler seems to be having one problem after the next, it’s probably a sign that your boiler is about to shut down. Your local HVAC company can help you figure out a solution.


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