How To Keep Stale Air Out

Breathing fresh air indoors and outside is essential. Since you spend a lot of time indoors at your home, it’s important to ensure the air that you breathe is as fresh as can be. Stale air is not only undesirable to smell, but it can be dangerous as well. Here’s some information on how stale air occurs, the dangers associated with it, and how to clean the air in your home.

What is Stale Air?

Stale air occurs when the air inside your home doesn’t have good circulation. The lack of air circulation creates a stagnant air environment. When the air in your home doesn’t flow properly and circulate throughout the room, stale air can occur. This type of air you breathe can smell bad and be bad for your health. 

When stale air occurs, you may face some adverse effects. Stale air can cause harmful particles to be present in the air and may even push around certain air toxins that are dangerous to your health. Dust, mold, and bacteria can gather, all of which are bad for your health. Fresh, clean air is important for the health and well-being of you and your family members. 

How to Keep the Indoor Air Fresh

Fortunately, there are ways to make stale air less likely to occur. In the warmer weather months, you can open the windows and let the fresh breeze blow through. However, in the colder months, you may be less likely to keep your windows open for long. In this case, a home ventilator may be ideal.

A home ventilator, or home ventilation system, can clean the air within your home without having to open your windows. This type of mechanical ventilation system brings fresh air to your rooms with ease. A home ventilator works by being installed with your HVAC system. This type of system offers consistent airflow and ensures the air you breathe is as fresh as can be. Also, when you own a home ventilation system, you don’t have to worry about opening your windows during the colder weather season or not being able to keep your windows open at night. Your home ventilator works continually to provide you with fresh air inside your house. 

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