Drafty Windows? Here Are 5 Tips to Help Keep Warm in Winter

It’s cold outside! And when you’re indoors, you want to ensure your home is warm as can be, and you do everything possible to keep the drafts out. Drafty windows can cause the air in your home to be less warm and cozy than you would like. This is especially so with older homes where the windows don’t have the best insulation. Fortunately, there are ways to combat drafty windows and keep the heat inside your home!

5 Tips to Fix Drafty Windows

You don’t have to deal with drafty windows all winter long! There are solutions available to you that make fixing drafty windows easy as can be. Remember, when you experience a draft in your home, your heater is working overtime, which means your bill will likely be higher. But don’t panic! Here are five ways to fix drafty windows:

  • Use Caulk Around Gaps in Windows: If you see cracks and gaps in your window, use caulk to fill these openings. Doing so will help to keep the drafts out of your home. 
  • Use Weatherstripping to Keep Drafts Out: If you have a larger opening around your window where there’s a gap even when it’s shut, you can use weatherstripping to close the opening. Applying weatherstripping is easy to do and will often take care of that continual draft due to a gap in the window closure.
  • Add Heavy Drapes and Curtains: Another way to keep drafts out of your home is to use heavy drapes and curtains on your windows. If you don’t already have these window treatments, buy some for the rooms in your home where you can feel a draft.
  • Use Storm Windows: For extra protection from drafts, use storm windows during the cold winter. These heavy-duty windows will keep drafts out and keep your family warm. 
  • Repair or Replace Old Windows: If none of the previously mentioned tips help with the draft problem, you may need to repair or replace your old windows. When you add new windows to your house, you’ll cut down on drafts, which will help you save money on your energy bill.

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