Why You Need Central Air This Summer

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As the summer months quickly approach, we’re all beginning to think about the transition from home heating to home cooling. Central air conditioning (central AC) is one of the most popular cooling options, and for good reason. In this article, we’ll explain how central AC works, the benefits of having a central system, and the downsides of relying on other cooling methods.

What is Central Air?

Central AC is a standalone air conditioning system that consists of a condenser located outside of your home and hidden ductwork throughout your house. The ducts are vented into your living space through floor or wall registers, and there is often a single AC return centrally located in your home through which warm air is pulled for cooling.

How It Works

Central air conditioning uses large condensers placed outside your home to cool air, which circulates throughout your living space through the duct system behind the sheetrock and under your floor. The warmer air that rises to the AC return is cycled through the condenser and pushed back to your living area after being cooled.

Benefits of a Central Air System

Central air conditioning is ideal for homeowners who want all of their living space to be cooled evenly. The condensers are powerful but efficient, so you’ll enjoy comfortable temperatures throughout your home for a fraction of the cost of window or wall units.

The interior ductwork is all hidden, so you won’t have large ductless or standalone air conditioners taking up living space. Small, unobtrusive vents will be the only visible portion of the system in your house.

These systems also allow you to set zones throughout your home for customized cooling and increased efficiency.

Drawbacks of No Central Air

Not having a central air conditioning system in your home this year could mean another season of sweltering, uncomfortable indoor temperatures. Your living space will be less appealing and won’t offer as much relief from the heat outside.

If you opt for another air conditioning system over central AC, you may be spending significantly more to cool your house less efficiently. You may also contend with unappealing units throughout your living space.

Central air conditioning is a popular option for homeowners because it’s efficient, doesn’t detract from your living area’s space or appeal, and reliably cools your home to comfortable temperatures. If you’re considering installing a central AC system in your home or you need service on your existing setup, contact one of our highly-trained professionals for more information.