Why You Need an Air Purifier for Winter

As we all get ready to settle in for a long winter and extended cold weather, we should also consider our indoor air quality. Air purifiers are helpful year-round but do the most for our health and well-being in the winter. Below, we’ll be discussing the risks of not having an air purifier and the benefits of getting one installed in your home.

Risks of Not Having an Air Purifier

Most people underestimate just how much debris is floating around the air in their living space at any given time. If you don’t have an air purifier, you and your family will be breathing in excess dust, pet hair and dander, allergens, and other particles daily.

Unfortunately, these contaminants can lead to long-term allergy-like symptoms, headaches, sickness, difficulty breathing, and even more serious issues like heart disease, cancer, and lung damage.

These pollutants are higher in our living areas in the winter because we tend to shut our windows and doors, trapping contaminants inside. Not only that, but we amp up the pollutants by using our heating systems and increase our exposure by staying indoors to avoid the cold. Some experts maintain that indoor air quality can be even worse than outdoor air, especially when we fail to ventilate our homes.

Wintertime Benefits of an Air Purifier

There are numerous benefits you can enjoy when you install an air purifier in your house before winter.

1Reduced Pollutants from Heating System

Your boiler or furnace is constantly producing soot and small, airborne particles that you and your family will eventually inhale. An air purifier will keep circulating air clean and free of carbon monoxide and other heat-related pollutants.

2Reduced Irritation from Pet Hair and Dander

If you have pets, the hair and dander are likely to be trapped inside when you close your windows for the winter. Those with even minor allergies will very likely notice a difference with an air purifier.

3Reduced Irritation from Dust

Try as you may to keep your home clean during the holiday season, dust is bound to build up inside. An air purifier can help make cleaning easier and maintain safer air to breathe.

4Reduced Chance of Spreading Sickness

Wintertime is when countless germs are spread, as people gather in tight, unventilated spaces to avoid the cold outside. Viruses, bacteria, and other infections can all be scrubbed out of the air by a purifier.

If you’re ready to enjoy all of these benefits and more this winter and beyond, contact our friendly professionals for more information or to have an air purifier installed in your home today.