The Microbiology of HVAC Systems in Fall

The air we breathe indoors should be a serious consideration for all homeowners. With this in mind, it’s important to keep our HVAC systems clean and free from microbial growth. Here is some information on how microbial growth can impact HVAC systems and the steps to take to ensure the cleanest and freshest indoor air.

Understanding Microbial Growth in HVAC Systems

Hazardous elements can grow within the HVAC system. Contaminants such as mold and mildew may find their way into the heating and cooling system. There are many factors that influence the growth of these unwelcome elements, including the cold, dark, and wet environments that exist within HVAC systems. When an HVAC system has moisture and varying temperatures within it, microbial growth can increase. Plus, organic materials may become lodged in the HVAC unit and increase the growth of these unhealthy elements.

When there’s a microbial presence within your HVAC system, many aspects of the overall system suffer, including the air quality and system efficiency. Plus, after time, you may notice an unpleasant odor coming from your HVAC system. All of these factors can lead to unhealthy living conditions, which may affect your breathing and overall health. Therefore, it’s important to ensure the absence of microbial growth in your air conditioning and heating unit.

Addressing and Solving Microbial Concerns in HVAC

There are a few ways to fight against microbial growth in the HVAC system. You should get regular inspections and maintenance appointments for your HVAC system to ensure everything works correctly and microbial growth is not a factor. Your HVAC professional can visit your home for annual appointments to inspect and maintain the HVAC system. During this time, they’ll also take note if any microbial growth is present and correct the issue.

Also, if you take steps to control humidity in your home, the growth of these elements may be less of an issue. In addition, UV light treatment products can help prevent microbial growth, and filters will help to filter the air entering your home so the air that enters your house is fresh and clean.

Make sure your HVAC system is doing the job it should do by heating and cooling your home while putting out healthy, clean air. Let the Air Design team evaluate your HVAC system for any microbial contamination issues and help you with your heating and air conditioning needs.

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