10 Fall HVAC Myths Debunked: Fact vs Fiction

When the time comes to get ready for colder fall weather, you want to be sure your HVAC system is ready to go. There are many misconceptions regarding what it takes to prepare the heating system for cool weather. Here are some of the common myths and the truth behind each one.

Common HVAC Myths

Don’t be fooled by common HVAC myths such as the following. Know the true facts and have a better operating HVAC system for the cold weather season. Here are ten common HVAC myths and the truths behind each one.

Change Air Filters Once Each Year

Air filters clean the air in your home, allowing you and your family to breathe in the freshest air. Therefore, you want to make sure your HVAC system air filters are clean and ready to go. You should change these air filters whenever they have accumulated a large amount of dirt, dust, and debris, or regularly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The Best HVAC System Is One That’s the Biggest and Most Expensive

You may think the price of the HVAC system determines how well it works. Not so! You’ll find HVAC systems in all price ranges, and some may be better than other ones, but that’s not dependent on the price.

Only Obtain Maintenance When Something’s Wrong with the HVAC System

Don’t wait until your HVAC system breaks down for you to obtain maintenance. HVAC maintenance helps to prevent HVAC system issues and needing repairs.

Turn Your Thermostat Settings to Very High or Low Temperatures to Quickly Heat or Cool the House

It takes a period of time for your HVAC system to warm up. Don’t push the temperature too high or too low for a quick response; otherwise, it may wind up breaking or needing repairs.

Using Duct Tape for Duct Leaks

Your HVAC system is a durable piece of machinery; however, you want to take care in how you repair it. Don’t use duct tape for duct leaks as it won’t be able to withstand the temperatures. Hire an HVAC professional to fix the system issues.

Thermostat Placement Doesn’t Matter

Where your thermostat is located will determine how well it reads the temperature in the room. You want your thermostat to be located in a spot away from windows, not in direct sunlight, not near major kitchen appliances, and on an interior wall.

Closing Vents Creates Energy Savings

Closing vents in certain rooms won’t really help you save money. Plus, it can alter the efficiency of the HVAC system by causing it to work harder in other areas of the home.

You Don’t Have to Prepare for the Heating Season

There are a few things you need to do each season before using your heater. You should have routine maintenance performed regularly, plus you should check to make sure the components are working correctly, ensure the HVAC unit outside is clear, and test the system in advance of using it.

HVAC Equipment Isn’t as Important as Insulation and Windows

Having proper insulation in your home is essential; however, this will only prevent the air from getting in. You need the HVAC system to produce warm air to keep you and your family comfortable.

A Denser Air Filter Is Better

Air filters come in all different varieties, some denser than others. However, a denser air filter doesn’t mean it’s better. Choose the air filter that’s right for your home and your individual HVAC system.

Don’t be fooled by these HVAC myths. Know the truth and ask the HVAC professional for help with your maintenance and repair needs. Air Design can help you get ready for the winter season!

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