Should You Use UV Lamps in Your Home?

With cold and flu season on the way and COVID-19 being a factor to consider, you may wonder how to keep the air in your home fresh and healthy. When the weather gets colder, you’ll be spending a lot more time indoors so it’s vital you have clean air to breathe. One type of air cleaning solution that is available is UV lamps. UV lamps disinfect the room and help your family stay healthy. But are UV lamps right for you?

How Do UV Lamps Kill Germs?

UV lamps, or ultraviolet-C lamps, emit a light that disinfects surfaces and other areas. The lamps work to kill germs by shining this UVC radiation on the areas, which is known to reduce the spread of bacteria and inactivate viruses. UV lamps can fight against the spread of viruses by getting rid of these germs.

Are UV Lamps Right for the Home?

You can buy UV lamps for your home. However, there are some things you should keep in mind when considering this purchase. These considerations include:

  • The virus must be directly exposed to the lamp: In order for the UV lamp to kill the virus, the virus must be directly exposed to it. This means that some surface areas with the virus on them may not be reached.
  • Most UV lamps are low dose: Many UV lamps available today are low dose UV lamps, which means they take a while longer to kill the virus and may not be completely effective at killing all viruses in the room.
  • Individuals should never have direct exposure to the UV lamp: People should never stay in the room when a UV lamp is on. The room should be closed off to people and pets.
  • There could be health and safety risks: There could be health and safety risks associated with UV lamps, such as eye injuries, burns to the skin, ozone generation, and potential mercury in the lamps.


These are some issues to keep in mind when considering a freestanding UV lamp.

However, UV light is also used to kill other bacteria and can be applied in a different way. Air Design offers UV lamps that shine the UV light on the indoor coil of your HVAC system. This light will prevent the growth of bacteria and mold which prevents any buildup from becoming airborne. These lamps will also enhance airflow and keep your system working efficiently.

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