Should You Invest in a Smart Air Conditioner?

smart air conditioner app

What Is a Smart Air Conditioner?

Smart ACs allow you to dictate your home temperature on your smartphone via the manufacturer’s app. They can also be connected to your smart home systems or voice assistants. Smart ACs’ ability to connect to the internet is what separates them from other AC systems and is what makes them “smart.”

Below we’ll discuss the main benefits of smart ACs so you can find out if they are right for you.

The Benefits of a Smart AC

1. Convenience Meets Comfort

With a smart AC, you can use your phone to control your house’s temperature from anywhere. In addition to your phone, smart air conditioners can be controlled using your voice. These options provide a premium level of convenience and comfort during hot summer days.

Smart ACs also offer multiple automated modes, so you don’t have to change temperature settings over the course of the day. Smart ACs can automatically measure a room’s temperature and use your desired settings to maintain your ideal conditions at all times. With a smart AC, you won’t have to constantly reach for the remote to change the temperature or wake up in the middle of the night sweating because the AC has not adjusted.

Additionally, many smart ACs offer geofencing, which allows you to cool your home only when you’re there. With geofencing, you can save money by not cooling an empty house and still return home to a cool, comfortable living space.

2. Significant Energy Savings

Air conditioners consume six percent of all electricity used in one year in the United States. An astonishing amount of carbon dioxide is released into the air every year as a result. Thus, energy efficiency should be a major concern for homeowners. Smart AC units use much less energy than older, less advanced units and cool your home just as effectively. This combination makes them a worthy investment.

After setting your desired cooling temperature has been, your smart AC will slow down and use the minimum amount of energy required to maintain that temperature. This means that your unit will work smarter, not harder, and save you money on your electricity bills in the process.

Smart ACs can also be programmed to accommodate multiple schedules based on the day. If you’re at home on Saturdays and Sundays and out during the week, don’t fret. Your AC unit can accommodate this schedule and cool your house accordingly.

Smart AC units also offer information on how much energy you’re using. With this data, you can understand how much you’re consuming, and you can set limits to keep your bills in check.

3. Automatic Maintenance Reminders

Regular air conditioner maintenance is a must. To nip problems in the bud and make sure your unit is working when you need it most, you need to schedule periodic maintenance. But, it’s easy to lose track of when you’re last maintenance check was and when you’re due for another. Nobody wants to spend money unnecessarily or run into a serious issue because your unit was neglected.

With a smart AC, the associated app automatically tracks your usage and will ping you when a maintenance check is required based on your consumption. The more your unit is used, the faster its filters clog with dirt, which can cause it to spread that dirt back into your home.

In addition to spreading dirt in your air, waiting too long to do a check on your AC can also shorten the lifespan of your unit. So, to protect your investment and keep your home cool, preventative maintenance is vital.

4. Storm Protection

Smart air conditioners’ auto-restart feature enables you to reestablish your custom settings with your remote control. This feature is handy when there is a power outage during a thunderstorm or other major weather event. It also safeguards your unit from power flows.

Are you ready to increase the energy efficiency, convenience, and comfort in your home this summer? Speak to one of our friendly AC experts about installing a smart AC in your home.