Is Switching to Gas Heating Really Worth It?

warm coupleMost homeowners hear stories about how switching from oil to gas for heating purposes can save hundreds of dollars a year. Still, most are skeptical, especially when they see the upfront cost of the conversion. Below, we’ll be discussing why converting to gas heat is worth it and what you stand to lose if you remain with oil heat.

What Is Gas Heating?

All boilers and furnaces use energy to provide your home with heat, and most get that energy from burning oil or gas. Gas heating is a system in which your heating equipment burns natural gas to provide the energy required to heat your house. It’s similar to all other heating systems, but it uses natural gas as a fuel source instead of oil.

Is Gas Heating Worth It?

Roughly 48 percent of all homeowners in the United States heat their homes using gas heating, but many people still wonder if a conversion is worth the upfront cost. Below are five reasons to switch to gas heating this year.

1 It Reduces Your Heating Costs

The ongoing cost of fuel is most important for the majority of homeowners, so the #1 benefit of switching to gas is a reduced heating bill. Most homeowners save around 25% on their heating expenses just by converting to gas.

2 It’s More Reliable

When you heat your home with oil, you have to depend on an oil company to deliver oil before you run out. There is no wireless monitoring system for oil levels, so you have to trust your deliverer to know when to add to your tank. Natural gas is always available, so you never have to worry about running out on the coldest day of the year.

3 It Requires Less Maintenance

Oil tanks need to be cleaned regularly to prevent sludge build-up. Not only is this potentially dangerous, but it will cost you in ongoing maintenance.

4 It Provides More Than Heat

When you convert to natural gas for heating purposes, you can also install a gas line to your stove. Most homeowners prefer gas stoves for convenience and control.

5 It’s Easier on the Environment

Natural gas is still a fossil fuel, but it burns more cleanly than oil and puts less strain on the environment. A gas conversion could help reduce your carbon footprint.

What’s the Risk of Not Switching?

If you stick with your oil-fired system this winter, you’re putting yourself at greater risk of losing heat at some point. Whether you run out of oil or your system gets clogged with sludge, using oil heat will eventually lead to the system going down.

Additionally, you’ll be paying more in maintenance for tank cleaning, and you’re bound to have higher heating bills if you stick with oil.

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