How to Test Your Indoor Air Quality

You probably spend a reasonable amount of time indoors. Therefore, it’s essential that you have the best indoor air quality possible. You may not even know there are pollutants and toxins in the air. Fortunately, there are ways to test indoor air quality and solutions to help you obtain healthy indoor air quality.

How to Identify If There Are Pollutants/Toxins in the Air

The first step in finding indoor air quality solutions is finding out what air pollutants or toxins are in the air inside your home. You can identify potential issues by considering any symptoms you’re currently experiencing, such as watering, itchy eyes, or issues within the home, such as a stale odor in the air. Identifying potential air pollutants and toxins in your inside air can be accomplished by buying and using an indoor air quality monitor for general air quality monitoring. It would be best if you also had a monitor for radon and carbon monoxide levels in your home. You can also take note of your HVAC equipment to see if the filters look dirty or fill up more quickly than before. 

Testing Your Indoor Air Quality

Another way to identify if any pollutants or toxins fill indoor air is to test indoor air quality. You can use an indoor air quality monitor to see what contaminants may exist in your home’s air. If you want a comprehensive evaluation performed, your local indoor air quality experts can help. The professional team will come to your home and evaluate the indoor air quality in your house. Once they’ve concluded your indoor air quality, they’ll provide solutions to get the indoor air in your home back to its healthy former state. 

Solutions for Indoor Air Quality

Once an indoor air quality problem has been identified, your local indoor air quality professional team will offer solutions. Here are some ways to get your indoor air quality back to a healthy situation:

  • Ventilators: Ventilators can be used in your home to take out the stale air and bring fresh air to your indoor setting.
  • Air Purifiers: Air purifiers can be used on their own or in conjunction with your HVAC system to purify the air in your home.
  • REME Halo: The REME Halo is a whole home in-duct air purifier that eliminates and reduces odors and air pollutants inside your house. 
  • HVAC UV Lamps: UV lamps can minimize microbial build-up on coils and keep mold and bacteria out of the HVAC system.

Make sure your indoor air quality is the best it can be by testing it periodically and having solutions within your home to keep your air fresh and clean. 

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