How Condensation Affects HVAC Equipment

Your air conditioner may experience issues during its lifespan. One issue that may cause problems with your AC is condensation. The following highlights information on air conditioner condensation, common condensation problems, and how to fix them.

Condensation and HVAC Equipment

Condensation is something that may occur with your air conditioning unit. Some condensation is okay, while other episodes of condensation collecting on your HVAC equipment may signify a problem and cause issues with how the system works. Condensation on the evaporator coil is normal, so you can expect condensation to collect on this piece of equipment and have it fall into a drain pan below. However, suppose you see that the drain pan is overflowing or there is excessive water flowing out. In that case, this signifies a problem, and you need to check these issues out as soon as possible. Too much water could mean a leakage or blockage within the system and equipment attached to it.

Common Condensation Problems

One common condensation problem, that is often discovered when the condensation level goes beyond what is expected, is a clogged drain line. You can notice this issue when you see the drain pan overflowing. Another common condensation problem is when the drain pan is broken and doesn’t collect the condensation as it should. This could push water into your home in areas it shouldn’t be. In addition, the float switch of your AC system may break and cause water to overflow into areas of your home. 

How to Fix Excessive Condensation

To fix excessive condensation on your AC unit, you have to fix the problem. If the drain pan is overflowing, you may have a clogged drain line preventing the water from flowing out. This problem can be fixed by having your HVAC professional clear the drain line of any blockages. If your drain pan is broken, putting in a new drain pan will help fix this issue. Also, if the float switch in your system isn’t working, a new one will tackle this excessive condensation-causing issue. 

Expect normal condensation on your air conditioning unit but investigate any excessive condensation issues further if the condensation level is higher than it should be. Air Design can help you fix condensation-related problems with your air conditioning unit. 

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