Carbon Monoxide Alarms Keep You and Your Family Safe

Keeping your family safe is a priority! One way to do so is with the help of a carbon monoxide detector. These safety alarms will alert you should the presence of CO be detected in the air. Here’s some more information on carbon monoxide and why carbon monoxide detectors are vital systems to have in the home.

What is CO?

Carbon monoxide, or CO, is an odorless, invisible gas resulting from fuel-burning devices, such as appliances, heaters, and engines. And if this gas is released, the result can be injury or death. CO poisoning can occur any time of the year, but wintertime is often when CO poisoning rates are at their highest. However, having a carbon monoxide alarm in your home is vital so you can be alerted when this gas is in the air.

How Do Detectors Keep You Aware of Its Danger?

CO detectors are extremely important devices to have in your home. A carbon monoxide detector can alert you in case CO is released. Since you can’t see or smell carbon monoxide, it’s crucial to have a detector alert you if this gas is around.

Carbon monoxide alarms, or carbon monoxide detectors, come in different forms. You can choose a battery-powered alarm or opt for one that you plug in. You can also find CO alarms that work with your wireless network. For a multipurpose alarm, you can often get a combination CO and smoke alarm as well as a CO alarm and explosive gas detector.

The CO alarms continually monitor the air in your home for any carbon monoxide. If the CO in the air reaches a certain level, the detector will sound an alarm to alert you to this dangerous condition so you can take action.

If you don’t have a CO detector in your home, now’s the time to get one! Air Design can answer all your questions regarding carbon monoxide detectors for your home.

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