5 Proven Benefits of Purified Water

Water purifierMost people know that purified water is generally better for you than tap water, but many don’t fully understand why. Below, we’re going to discuss what purified water is and how the purification process works. Most importantly, we’ll go over five of the most significant health benefits associated with drinking purified water.

What Is Purified Water?

Water from your tap inevitably contains contaminants, whether you’re connected to a well or public water system. These contaminants can include chemicals and metals like chlorine and lead, bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

Purified water passes through a single filter or a series of filters that remove chemicals, metal, and living organisms and leave you with decontaminated water.

How Is it Purified?

Several different purification processes can be used to purify water. The most common types of purification are physical, chemical, and radiation purification.

Physical filters use a membrane that allows water to pass through but catches debris of varying sizes for disposal. Chemical purification usually involves passing the water through activated carbon, which attracts and holds contaminants. Radiation purification is usually done by exposing the water to UV radiation, which kills bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

5 Proven Health Benefits

Below are five of the most significant health benefits you can enjoy by drinking purified water:

1 – Reduces Metal Poisoning

Lead and copper are common water contaminants found even in highly regulated water systems. They are both detrimental to your health and can cause brain and kidney damage, as well as complications with your circulatory system.

2 – Reduces Chlorine

Chlorine is a common chemical used by water authorities to disinfect water, but trace amounts of the chemical can remain in the water as it’s delivered to your home. Water purifiers remove chlorine, a compound that is known to be carcinogenic.

3 – Removes Bacteria

Despite your water authority’s best efforts, there is likely to be some bacteria living in your tap water. They can cause illness and a myriad of health complications. UV radiation is often used to remove them from your water.

4 – Removes Parasites

Although relatively uncommon in regulated water sources, parasites can be ingested along with your tap water, especially if you get your water from a well. Parasites like Giardia intestinalis can cause various symptoms, including diarrhea, dehydration, and stomach complications.

5 – Provides Essential Minerals

Water naturally has essential minerals that are beneficial to your health. Some forms of water cleansing, like reverse osmosis, remove contaminants from your water but also strip it of healthy minerals like calcium and potassium. Purified water removes the dangerous compounds but leaves those that are healthy.

It’s abundantly clear that purified water not only reduces the chance of ingesting potentially dangerous compounds, parasites, and bacteria but also provides essential minerals. When you’re ready to protect your health and your family’s well-being, contact one of our experienced technicians for water testing and to find out which water purification system is right for you.