4 Ways To Be Cool and Cut Down AC Costs This Summer

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With the summer heat quickly approaching, it’s time once again to start thinking about how you’re going to stay cool this summer. Being out in the sun might be nice for a short amount of time, but there’s nothing worse than going inside for some reprieve only to find it’s just as hot in your house as it was outside.

To help keep your home cool and comfortable this summer, consider these four tips that will keep the heat outside where it belongs.

Install Window Coverings

When sunlight enters through your windows, it gets trapped inside and radiated as heat. The simplest fix for this is to invest in some window coverings to keep it out.

Any blinds, shades, or drapes will help, but the best options are those made specifically for energy efficiency. Stopping the sun and heat at its main point of entry is a great way to limit how hot it gets in your home.

Install Energy Efficient Windows

Window coverings are great, but energy-efficient windows can add even more protection from the summer sun. Older windows are an easy access point for sweltering heat, so upgrading yours to newer, double pane windows that are built to insulate will help keep your home cooler all summer.

They’re also designed to insulate your home from any extreme weather, so this is an investment that will benefit you year-round and not just in the warmer months.

Get Your AC System Serviced Regularly

An AC system is one of the best ways to cool your home, but it isn’t worth much if it doesn’t work. AC systems break down over time, and they can get dirty, clogged, and damaged. Scheduling routine AC maintenance is a great way to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

Regularly scheduled tune-ups will not only ensure your system doesn’t go down at any point and leave you to deal with the heat, but it will also help your AC cool your home properly and most efficiently. Contact our experienced team to invest in an AC system if you don’t have one, or to schedule routine maintenance for yours if you do.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can automatically set and adjust room temperatures based on the time of day and your preferences. It can cool your bedrooms for you before your desired bedtime, and it can focus energy on cooling your living room and kitchen during the day where you spend most of your time.

Setting a programmable thermostat can help divert energy consumption and cooling efforts to the places you need it most, which means a cooler, more efficient, and more comfortable experience for you without having to lift a finger.

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