10 Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

Most homeowners know that filtered water is healthier than drinking tap water, but many don’t know exactly why that’s the case. In truth, there are many health benefits to drinking filtered water, and upgrading to a whole-home filtration system might be best for you and your family. Especially during cold and flu season, taking advantage of these health benefits could help keep your immune systems working optimally.

Below, we’ll discuss ten surprising health benefits of drinking filtered water and why you should consider upgrading.

Ten Health Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

  1. Removes Chlorine – Water is filtered and treated by your water supplier before it reaches your home. In most cases, they add chlorine to kill harmful viruses and bacteria. While consuming these small amounts of chlorine is generally better than drinking contaminated water, chlorine certainly isn’t healthy. Water filtration systems take out chlorine, making it more nutritious and better-tasting.
  2. Removes Heavy Metals – The water from your taps travels long distances through metal pipes underground and the copper or lead pipes in your home. Most public water lines have been upgraded recently, but the majority of homes have older pipes that can leach heavy metals into your drinking water. Heavy metals are dangerous to consume and potentially deadly, but water filtration systems remove all of them before you consume the water.
  3. Reduces Acid Reflux – The water coming from your unfiltered tap tends to be slightly acidic from the treatment chemicals and because it’s sourced from the ground. Filtering your water reduces the acidity and can help reduce the chances of your drinking water contributing to acid reflux.
  4. Helps You Lose Weight – Drinking an abundance of water has been shown to aid in weight loss. Drinking clean, filtered water not only helps you lose weight but helps keep you healthier than drinking contaminated tap water.
  5. Offers Antioxidants – While most homeowners turn to foods like blueberries for antioxidants, water filters can deoxidize your tap water and provide some antioxidants as well.
  6. Decreases Digestive Issues – Drinking plenty of water can improve your digestion and reduce the risk of digestive issues. Drinking only filtered water can keep you healthy while you optimize your ability to digest food.
  7. Reduces Harmful Chemicals – Some studies have shown that pesticides, hormones, and other contaminants can make their way into drinking water that is sourced from the ground. Filtering your water before drinking ensures that you never consume these potentially harmful compounds.
  8. Improves Heart Health Studies have shown that drinking alkalizing water can improve heart health, endurance, and physical performance. Filtered water is alkalized and can offer these benefits that tap water cannot.
  9. Promotes Drinking – Water is one of the most crucial compounds we consume on a daily basis. Filtering your water keeps it smelling and tasting crisp and delicious, which can encourage you to drink more throughout the day.
  10. Promotes Healthy Teeth – As mentioned before, tap water tends to be slightly acidic, and research has shown that acidic beverages can deteriorate your teeth more quickly. Filtering your water before you drink it could help keep your teeth healthy and strong.


The benefits to drinking filtered water over tap water are clear and plentiful, so countless homeowners are upgrading to whole-home filtration systems to make capitalizing on these benefits simple. When you’re ready to upgrade and take advantage of these health benefits, contact our experts for more information and to see which system is suitable for your home.