Why You Should Use a Humidifier in the Summer

There are many products you should use throughout the year. One essential product is a humidifier. Humidifiers offer a wide range of benefits, especially in the summer. If you want to use a humidifier in the summer but don’t know all the benefits of doing so, don’t worry, we have the answers for you! We’ll also provide you with some information on the types of humidifiers.

Benefits of Using a Humidifier in the Summer

If you’ve heard that humidifiers are good household items to use, especially during the summer, that is correct! Here are some reasons to use humidifiers in the summertime:

  • Air circulation help: Summer can be a stuffy time of year. But with the help of an air humidifier, you can get good air circulation in the rooms of your home or office.
  • Helps with allergy symptoms: Allergies are often at an all-time high during the summer months. When you use a humidifier, you’ll achieve allergy symptom relief by having access to clean air.
  • Helps combat dry air: You’ll also find that humidifiers help do away with dry air and put more moisture in the room.

Types of Humidifiers That Are Best

Now that you know why you should use humidifiers in the summer, the next step is finding the right type of humidifier for your needs. Here are some types of humidifiers:

  • Steam Humidifier: If you have a larger home or want more control over your humidifier, a steam output humidifier is often a good choice. This type of humidifier flows water between electrodes, creates steam, and the steam then goes through the ductwork.
  • Fan-Powered Humidifier: The fan-powered humidifier puts moisturized air right into your ducts and is ideal for use with heat pumps.
  • Bypass Humidifier: A bypass humidifier relies on a furnace to recirculate moisturized air into your home.
  • Whole-Home Humidifier: The whole-home humidifier puts out the moisture your home needs based on the humidity in the air and your desired comfort settings.

Adding a humidifier to your home is the best way to have clean air to breathe, especially in the summer. Review these options above and consult Air Design with all your humidifier questions and installation needs.

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