The Truth About Installing Your Air Conditioner Yourself

repairing an air conditionerAs the summer months approach, you may be thinking about installing an AC system to combat the excessive heat. Some homeowners believe that a DIY installation will save them money, but it often costs more in the long run. Below, we’ll discuss why it may not be in your best interest to install your own air conditioner and how you can save money by hiring an HVAC professional to help.

What to Consider When Installing Your Own AC Unit

If you’re thinking about installing your own air conditioning system, you should consider the amount of work involved and the potential for things to go wrong. When you’re handling your own equipment, any damage from accidents or improperly installed pieces won’t be covered by a contractor or their insurance.

Additionally, air conditioners are complicated and have many parts that can break, malfunction, or fail with improper installation. If you install any piece of the equipment improperly, at best you may be left with a damaged unit at best, and at worst an unsafe one that puts you and your home at risk.

The Risks of Installing Yourself

When you set up your own air conditioner, any improperly installed components can get damaged easily and can lead to inefficient running if they do work. This will end up costing you far more money in energy costs and maintenance than hiring a professional the first time around would.

AC systems also require some type of ductwork and electrical components to run through your house. It’s very easy even for experienced DIYers to damage their homes and potentially create a severe fire hazard when installing their systems themselves.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional

When you opt instead to hire an HVAC expert who is certified and qualified to set up your AC system, you’ll pay a minimal price but still get a professional installation. They will ensure that all components are hooked up to run efficiently, minimizing your energy bills over time and prolonging the lifespan of your expensive equipment.

Your contractor’s insurance will cover damage to your property and your equipment, so the entire installation will be stress-free and straightforward. While you may be tempted to avoid spending the money for a professional setup, you’ll likely find that the peace of mind provided by an expert installation is worth far more in the long run.

To avoid an improper setup, property and equipment damage, and a stressful procedure, contact us today for a professional installation and get your AC system installed correctly the first time around.