The Pros & Cons of a Gas Boiler

GasEvery homeowner needs to decide between two primary fuel sources for their boiler: oil and gas. Both deliver heat to your home in a similar way, and each has its pros and cons. Below, we’re going to discuss what a gas boiler is and why it may be a better and more efficient option for heating your home.

What Is a Gas Boiler?

Every boiler needs a fuel source, and gas boilers ignite natural gas to heat water or air for circulation throughout your home. Instead of being connected to an oil tank, they are hooked up to a gas line that comes in from the street.

The boiler uses a pilot light to ignite the gas in a controlled manner to supply your home with heat.

Pros of a Gas Boiler

Gas boilers come with several upsides. The first is that they are more efficient and cheaper to operate than oil boilers. Natural gas is the most energy-efficient fuel used for home heating, and in most areas throughout the United States, it’s cheaper than oil. Over time, gas boilers usually save you money on heating expenses.

Natural gas burns more cleanly than oil, which means it produces fewer greenhouse gases. Although still considered a fossil fuel, burning natural gas has less of a negative impact on the environment.

Lastly, gas boilers don’t require storage like an oil burner does. You’ll not only save space in your home, but you also will never have to worry about running out of fuel. You don’t need deliveries as you do with oil, so you’ll have a constant source of heat for your home.

Cons of a Gas Boiler

There are some downsides to gas boilers as well. The most notable of which is the higher initial cost. Gas boilers can be about twice as expensive as oil boilers, prohibiting some homeowners from converting to gas. However, the additional cost is usually “earned” back in fuel savings over time.

Gas boilers are also prone to gas leaks. Although relatively rare, gas lines can leak and potentially be very dangerous. They require regular inspections to ensure everything is working correctly.

Most homeowners find that the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to natural gas as a heating fuel, especially over time. When you’re ready to upgrade to a gas boiler, contact one of our knowledgeable professionals to determine which options are available and most beneficial for your home.