Should You Move Your Central AC Unit Yourself?

a central ac unitThere are numerous reasons why you may want to relocate your outdoor central AC unit, and we know some DIYers out there are probably thinking of doing the job themselves. While there are benefits to moving a condenser, great care must be taken when disconnecting and reconnecting it to your indoor system.

We’re going to discuss the pros and cons of moving your system, as well as the cost of doing it yourself rather than hiring a professional.

Benefits of Moving Your AC Unit

Central air units are large and bulky. For many homeowners, they are an eyesore on the side of their homes or in their backyards. Depending on where your condenser is, it may interfere with outdoor entertaining space, landscaping, or exterior decor. However, relocating the unit to a less used area can solve all of those issues.

Central air units are also fairly noisy when they’re in operation. If they’re placed near a deck, patio, or pool, the noise they make can be a nuisance while you’re trying to relax and enjoy yourself. They’re also often set on the sides of houses. A unit placed outside a bedroom window can be a pain for those trying to sleep inside. Your unit can be moved to a more convenient location to limit how much the noise interferes with outdoor relaxation or indoor sleep.

Difficulties of Relocating Yourself

Outdoor condensers for central ACs look simple to move, but they contain a lot of delicate and dangerous equipment that must be handled properly.

First, there are refrigerant lines that can easily be damaged if they are bent. Any kind of break in these lines is dangerous, as refrigerant can leak out and cause health issues. Refilling refrigerant is also very expensive. These lines should be fully drained and protected during the move.

Second, there are electrical lines that run from your condenser to your indoor unit. The connection needs to be extended, and handling these higher load-lines can cause electrocution and even death if handled improperly.

Cost of Relocating Yourself

If you’re considering moving your central air unit yourself, you’re likely doing it to save money. Professional relocation can be expensive, so many handy homeowners choose to handle the move themselves. If done properly, moving the unit yourself could save you around $1,000 in labor costs. But, you’ll still need to purchase new refrigerant lines and electrical conduits to run to your condenser.

However, if you don’t do it properly, you can cause serious damage to your system which will require professional repair. You can easily damage the refrigerant lines, which are expensive to refill and costly to replace. Any missteps with the electrical wiring can cause serious bodily harm, and improper installation can also lead to a fire.

While the actual cost of relocating yourself is fairly low, the potential cost to fix problems can be astronomical.

Benefits of Calling a Professional

When you call a professional to relocate your system, you can rest assured that the job will be done quickly and safely. They will drain refrigerant lines, protect them during the move, and refill them once the condenser is hooked up again. They’ll also run new electrical lines to your unit to ensure it functions properly and safely without the risk of starting a fire.

A professional will also make sure your new location is perfectly level, which will allow your condenser to run without issue.

If you want to move your central AC unit, it’s best to leave the job to a professional. Call one of our highly trained experts today to get an estimate for a safe and tidy relocation.