Hybrid Heating Systems: Combining Comfort with Efficiency in Winter

Heating systems are available in many forms, including hybrid systems. But what does that mean? In this article, we explore hybrid heating systems, what they are, and the benefits of having one installed in your home.

What is a Hybrid Heating System?

You likely know that heating systems contain a furnace or heat pump, but did you know you can choose a heating system with both devices? The hybrid heating system is a dual-fuel heating option that uses both a gas furnace and an electric heat pump. This HVAC system will use one or the other depending on various factors, such as the season, function needed, and temperature. The electric heat pump will handle the cooling duties during the warmer months, including the spring and fall, while the gas furnace will jump in during the winter when the weather turns cold and heat is needed.

Advantages of Hybrid Systems

Two residential modern heat pumps buried in snow

There are many advantages to a hybrid heating system. For example, hybrid heating systems can help you save money by enabling a furnace to do the heavy lifting of heating your home quickly. In contrast, heat pumps will operate when extreme heat in the house isn’t needed. Since furnaces work quickly to heat the house, it won’t run as long as a heat pump. Additionally, a heat pump can cool your home during the summer and provide gentle heat during the milder weather months, such as spring and fall. Both devices within a hybrid system are energy efficient by only working when it’s most efficient for one or the other to do so.

Heat pump unit on the side of a home in winter.

When Should You Consider a Hybrid Heating System?

A hybrid heating system may be better suited for one home over another. If you live somewhere where the temperature fluctuates throughout the year, a hybrid heating system may be advantageous. In contrast, a hybrid heating system may meet specific requirements if your area encourages energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. Lastly, furnace heat in large quantities during the winter can affect personal comfort and may cause dry, chapped skin. If you notice dry skin issues, a hybrid heating system may be better for comfort.

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