10 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter Without Breaking the Bank

Winter is on its way, and temperatures are already dropping, which means homeowners everywhere will be cranking up their heat to keep their living areas comfortable. It can be challenging to keep your home warm during the winter, and unfortunately, it’s also the season when utility bills are highest. Below, we’ll be offering ten tips you can use to keep heating costs to a minimum while still maintaining a warm home.

Risk of Cranking the Heat All Winter

It’s tempting to leave the heat on the most comfortable setting all winter, but there are a few reasons this is dangerous. First, it puts excessive wear and tear on your heating system. Your equipment won’t last as long if it’s constantly working hard to maintain 70+ degrees inside your house.

Second, your utility bills will soar if you rely solely on your heating system to keep your home warm. You’ll likely be looking at massive heating bills, especially if you use an oil burner.

Finally, running your boiler produces soot and low levels of carbon monoxide. Calling on it constantly for months straight can make these more prevalent in your home, potentially putting you and your family at risk.

10 Budget-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Home Warm

Below are some of the most cost-effective ways to maintain a warm home this winter without breaking the bank.

1Clear Space Around Your Heaters

Whether you have steam radiators, baseboards, or hot air vents, make sure they aren’t blocked by furniture or other personal belongings. Keeping them clear will help heat your room more efficiently and prevent your system from overworking.

2Use Area Rugs

We lost a lot of heat from our feet, especially on cold tile or cement floors. Using area rugs to help keep warm might mean you can comfortably lower the temperature in your house a degree or two.

3Open the Dampers

If you have an HVAC system, make sure to open the dampers on your ducts! This will improve airflow and reduce inefficiencies.

4Replace Your HVAC Filters

Replacing your HVAC filters will not only lead to cleaner indoor air but will also reduce blockages and help your system run more efficiently. This alone can save a substantial amount of energy.

5Use Zone Heating to Your Advantage

Not all areas of your house need to be at 70+ degrees! If you have a basement that you don’t frequent, you can set it to 65 or even 60 to reduce energy expenditure. Other rooms that aren’t used often can also be set lower.

6Use a Smart Thermostat

Why heat your home when everyone is at work? Using a smart thermostat, you can lower the indoor temperature during the day when everyone is at work and have it automatically increase to your desired temperature before you get home.

7Open Your Window Treatments During the Day

Curtains, shutters, and shades are great for keeping heat out in the summer, but in the winter, opening them can allow sunlight in to warm your home naturally.

8Close Your Window Treatments at Night

While sunlight coming in can warm your house, your windows can lose heat to the outside at night when there is no sun coming in. Close your window treatments as the sun goes down to help keep heat inside.

9Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

If you have the option, set your ceiling fans to reverse. This will help distribute already heated air, making your home feel warmer without using additional heating power.

10Get Your Heating System Maintained

Finally, contact one of our friendly professionals to service your heating system. We’ll lubricate moving parts, replace broken or damaged components, and ensure everything is working as efficiently as possible. This will help ensure your system isn’t being overworked and using more energy than is required.