10 Telltale Signs Your AC Unit Needs Repairs

The warm summer months are here, so your air conditioner must be in the best working order. You’ll likely have to get regular air conditioner maintenance. Don’t wait until there’s a problem to do so. Act now!

Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

There are quite a few benefits to regular air conditioner maintenance. When you maintain your AC in the best way, you’ll probably save money on your electric bill from air conditioner use. For example, keeping your air filters clean can improve your AC efficiency and lower energy consumption by approximately 5-15%.

Also, by maintaining your AC regularly, you’ll help ensure the life of your AC unit for a longer time than if you didn’t take good care of it. In addition, your house will likely be cooler if your air conditioner is running in the best possible way.

10 Telltale Signs Your AC Needs Maintenance

You should get regular maintenance for your air conditioner. However, you should also seek help from an AC professional if your air conditioner seems not to be working sufficiently. Here are ten signs your AC may need some maintenance:

  1. Your AC unit may be making unusual sounds.
  2. The unit may be putting out a foul smell that lets you know something is wrong.
  3. The air doesn’t feel as cold as it has in the past.
  4. The airflow is lighter than usual, no matter how much you put the air on.
  5. Your AC unit is old, and it’s time to get a new one or additional maintenance.
  6. You find moisture or leakage around the air conditioner unit.
  7. Your electricity bill is a lot higher than usual.
  8. Constant cycling of the AC unit may mean it’s time to call for help from an HVAC professional.
  9. The AC unit is putting out humid air.
  10. You’ve had many repairs on your AC in the past, and you may need a new unit. 


If any of the above issues sound familiar, it’s time to call an HVAC professional for help. Air Design can help you with your air conditioner needs!

Make sure your air conditioner is ready to go and speak with the Air Design experts today!