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  1. All Air Design employees are aware of and provided with necessary materials to follow, the recommendations set by the New York State Department of Health as it pertains to COVID-19
  2. Provide all service techs with nitrile gloves and face coverings
  3. Regularly wipe down touch surfaces in office and work vehicles
  4. When scheduling an appointment, we will confirm that no one in the home or business is currently feeling ill or quarantined/isolated due to COVID-19.
  5. While performing their work, our technicians will wear gloves and face coverings
  6. When we arrive we are replacing our usual handshake with a wave hello.
  7. Our technicians will maintain a proper 6-foot distance from all occupants to the extent possible
  8. If you prefer, we will forego the usual work order signatures. All completed work orders will be emailed for you to review and approve via email

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